Beer Mystic Hosts


The Beer Mystic is published around the world in sympathetic e-zines, literary sites, e-pubs, etc. 

1. Beer Mystic [a bar]
2. Williamsburg Observer [Brooklyn, NY]
3. Social Fiction [Utrecht, NL]
4. Ol’ Chanty [Edinburgh, Scotland]
5. Big Bridge [Guerneville, California]
6-7. Hard Words [Sarasota, FL]
8. aleXander hirka [NY, NY]
9-10. In Other Words: Merida [Merida, Mexico]
11. Istanbul Literary Review [Istanbul, Turkey]
12. Jack [Vancouver, CA]
13-14. Sensitive Skin [San Francisco, CA]
15. Paraphilia [Los Angeles, CA]
16. Shenandoah Breakdown [Front Royal, VA]
17-18. Nictoglobe [Amsterdam, NL]
19-20. Parisiana [Valparaiso, Chile]
21-22. Jiggered [Grahamstown, South Africa]
23. Karen the Small Press Librarian [Pittsburgh, PA]
24. Bookbeat [Oak Park, MI]
25. WOODS [Amsterdam, NL]
26. Sandlin [LES/NY]
27. Public Illumination Magazine [Spoleto, Italy]
28-29. Unbearables [New Amsterdam]
30. Brews and Books [Portand, ME]
31. Urban Grafitti [Edmonton, Canada]
31a. Onomatopee [Eindhoven, NL]
32. WFMU [Jersey City, NJ]
33. De Player [Rotterdam, NL]
34. Bowery Poetry Club [Bowery, NY]
35-36. Sensitive Skin 2 [SF, CA]
37-38. Obsolete [Victor, Iowa]
39. White Fungus [Taichung City, Taiwan]
40. Lit Net [Stellenbosch, South Africa]
41-42. Black Sifichi [Montreuil, FR]
43. Black Bile Press  [Ottowa, Canada]
44. Sensitive Skin3 [San Francisco, CA]

10 responses

16 04 2010
Richard Livermore

Hi Bart

My apologies for not getting back earlier. I’ve been a bit out of it recently, and not all that together.

I’d be happy to publish an excerpt from your novel, however, I’m a bit mystified as to what you want me to do. Can you send me an attachment of the excerpt and then we can see where we go to from there.

Get back to me soon.


20 04 2010
White Fungus

[…] The following is an excerpt of Beer Mystic, a novel by Bart Plantenga spread out over a global network of host magazines. A full list of Beer Mystic Exerpt URLS is available here . […]

25 10 2010
An Excerpt of Brad Plantenga's Beer Mystic | Brews and Books

[…] literary websites and other hosts around the world. You can check out the whole pub crawl itinerary here, as well as click through to read the pieces of the book that have already been […]

8 12 2010
bart • wreck

STAY Tuned for the big BEER MYSTIC LAUNCH early 2011

6 05 2011
Mark McCawley


i apologize for my tardiness. Urban Graffiti 11 is presently crossing all the “t’s” and dotting all the “i’s” after being proofread. your Beer Mystic excerpt from UGX can still be found at [] however, that site has recently retired, so I have to make alternative arrangements for now and into the future. I have long wanted my litzine to have a blog as well, so this is the avenue I am going to take. Will be in touch ASAP with the link for the UG11 pdf.


6 05 2011
Mark McCawley


by the way, you might wish to list Urban Graffiti as located in Edmonton, CANADA as opposed to Edmonton, CA, to distinguish it from the other zines, etc, located in California.


8 11 2011
Around the Web - Handsells, Brews+Books, and a Call to Action | Brews and Books

[…] A Novel of Inebriation & Light about a year ago. Click here to check out the excerpt, and here to see the global Beer Mystic pub […]

30 11 2011
Sensitive Skin Magazine | Beer Mystic Burp #14: Beer = Food = Books

[…] I know somewhere in here there is an audience for BEER MYSTIC. I’ve for years been talking with the editor of Smoke Signals about printing out laminated […]

30 11 2011
Sensitive Skin Magazine | Beer Mystic Burp #12: Stroh’s Cans to the Head

[…] Read the Entire Beer Mystic novel online […]

30 11 2011
Sensitive Skin Magazine | Beer Burp #11: Obsolete Drunken Nirvana

[…] In an effort to profile the hosts of the Beer Mystic Global Pub Crawl, I’m interested in hearing about your general approach to issues concerning the environment, […]

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