Syndicated beer-related, mystic-infused essays @ Sensitive Skin

Eddie_bandit-image1-200-133Beer Mystic Burp #21: Eddie Woods Has Been Around the Block – With & Without Tennessee: “If Tennessee Williams doesn’t know what to do with his life, why should I worry?” ~ Eddie Woods, Tennessee Williams in Bangkok Eddie Woods … Read more »

Beer Mystic Burp #20: Ron Kolm: No Longer Chugging Rank Cologne: One of the perils of the fast life is that if you’re not synchronized with the prevailing velocity, you lose focus, things get blurry, imprecise … Read more »

Beer Mystic Burp #19: Beer in Times of Distillation: On poet Karen Garthe … I buy beer when other purchasing behavior fails. I drink beer to slow down the ridiculous spin of this earth & defuse those who speak kindly of this spin. … Read more »

Beer Mystic Burp #18: The Long Windy Road to a Closed Bar:  BEER MYSTIC: Read Beer Drink Novel … Read more »

Beer Mystic Burp #17: Beer Party Trumps Tea Party Any DayA discussion with activist cartoonist and BEER MYSTIC host, Ken Avidor… Read more »

Beer Mystic Burp #16: Books – Increasingly Illegal Intoxicants?An interview with Karen Lillis … Read more »

bicttBeer Mystic Burp #15: Beer as TherapyIt is the job of thinking people not to be on the side of the executioners • Albert Camus … Read more »

Beer Mystic Burp #14: Beer = Food = BooksApparently I said “In NY the louder and crazier you sound, the more attention you seem to get,” and this was quoted in the Sunday Boston Globe about our Cambridge gig… Read more »

Beer Mystic Burp #13: Without the Voodoo of HopeHitching through mid-1970s Canada usually meant Canadian Border Services stopping you, inquiring how much money you had on your person… Read more »

Beer Mystic Burp #12: Stroh’s Cans to the HeadI suddenly have vivid memories of survival in Flint, Michigan, Motor City Jr., birthplace of GM… Read more »

wild-154x300Beer Burp #11: Obsolete Drunken Nirvana: Rich Dana, is not just the editor of the retro-future activist aesthetics journal Obsolete but also a guy doing battle with the various seemingly overwhelming forces of displacement, corporate branding, the government, neo-colonialism via Monsanto seed patents… Read more »

Beer Mystic Burp #10: The Amble, The Ale: “Freedom knows no propaganda more effective than people calmly enjoying themselves.” • Raoul Vaneigm, The Revolution of Everyday Life … Read more »

BEER MYSTIC Burp #9: Beernuts are People TooYou can make a lot of friends on social networks if you’re into beer… Read more »

BEER MYSTIC Burp #8: Eddie Don’t Do BeerNo, Eddie Woods don’t do beer, he does white wine, anything above 3 euros is just fine. Pinot Grigio or Chardonnay is more than OK by him. Not before 5 and thereafter, he switches to red… Read more »

BEER MYSTIC Burp #7: Beer = Liquid Cartoonist: X-Large I see is the new large in clothing sizes. Size matters, so now a medium cup is like a trough of soda at McSubWenNuggests… Read more »

Da-Mask-KissBEER MYSTIC Burp #6: Plagiarism and Unpaid-for Beer in a Paris Swamp: We made a toast. “To he who casts the first kidney stone.” Clink of beer glasses, tink-tink, small amber waves sloshing over the sides, beer-head mustaches as our only disguise in the Pik-Clops in the Marais… Read more »

BEER MYSTIC Burp #5: A Mental Jersey Leads to Spirited Beer Consumption: Before Jersey Shore was a TV show, it was already a socio-anthropological phenomenon of some steroidal bonehead beach bum magnitude… Read more »

Beer Mystic Burp #4: A Weird, Bloody Barroom Ritual Remembered: Imagine this, you walk into your local bar, a place where you know where to hang your truss, and upon entering you instantly sense something is amiss, awry – somebody’s tinkering with your gears… Read more »

Beer Mystic Burp #3: Pivo is Czech for Beer: In 1993, you could live like a bastard prince in Prague – if you had dollars to spend – on a pauper’s wages. Beer was 15 US cents – and we would repeat the names … Pilsner Urquell, Krušovice, Budvar from České Budějovice, Velkopopovický Kozel, Zlatý… Read more »

unbearsBeer Mystic Burp #2: Spilling Beer: Late at night Su Byron and I would walk back from whatever disaster, like in Fanelli’s where things happened or didn’t… Read more »

Beer Mystic Burp #1
BEER MYSTIC Burp #1: The Internet & the world at large currently host plenty of hopsonian enthusiasts, beer nuts, pils pushers, literally hundreds of sites and Facebook pages devoted to the joys of drinking – & rating beers… Read more »


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